The Current Crucible of Effective Leadership

The definition of crucible is “a situation of severe trial”, which just might apply to the current void of effective leadership among companies today. How bad is it out there? According to one particular pre-pandemic study, 50% of leaders tracked at one Fortune 500 company experienced failure leading to eventual termination—even after being initially successful. The study’s authors even coined a term for this phenomenon—Management Derailment. Under the pandemic, effective leadership hasn’t exactly made up any ground.

According to a 2021 study from the Brandon Hall Group, there appears to be a massive gap in how companies develop leadership competency and skills. According to the results of the survey, almost half of the respondents reported deficiencies in:

  • the proper resources on hand to provide learning and development for its workforce
  • the technology needed to assess and track workforce development
  • having any kind of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for employees
  • a long-range plan for identifying talent need for future competencies and skills
  • a consistent development plan across the organization
  • offering their employees enough feedback and coaching

Statistics like these bring up the old adage, “How are you going to fix something if you don’t know what’s broken?”

Deficiencies such as the aforementioned examples are reminiscent of the clients that ILEC works with in developing transformative solutions for business leadership. Most suffer from two key challenges:

  1. They underestimate the importance of leadership development plays in corporate culture
  2. They overestimate the importance of existing culture over developing one that supports the primary operating imperative of their business

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) is the world’s #1 executive coaching platform dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders today. Our master certified ILEC coaches utilize a proven blueprint and philosophy designed to highlight the long-term benefits of investing in human capital. The process includes a dedicated number of set hours working directly with one of our master certified coaches, which usually lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months. In a confidential setting, employees singled out for leadership coaching will cover the four “As”, a proven set of phases of ILEC’s core coaching process: Awareness, Assessment, Action, and Achievement. Once completed, clients experience a new set of four “As”, Altruism, Affiliation, Achievement, and Abundance. As ILEC founder John Mattone states, “The 4 As are the seeds to achieving sustained greatness in leadership, life and creating a lasting legacy.”

If you’d like to count yourself among the 100% of ILEC coaching clients who experienced executive leadership improvement in just six months, reach out and request a discovery call with one of our master certified business coaches and take your skills to the next level. Together, we can do our part to eliminate the crucible of effective leadership.

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