Your Legacy as a Leader Part 1: Altruism

Your legacy as a leader is being written right now. All of the actions you have taken up to this point are being stitched together to tell the story of who you are as a leader. Are you a motivational leader? An inspiring one? Or are you unavailable and stressed?

If you aren’t happy with the way you think your legacy as a leader is shaping up, the good news is that you can change it! We have four game-changing outcomes that can help you create a great and lasting legacy as a leader. Those outcomes are broken into the 4 A’s: Altruism, Affiliation, Achievement, and Abundance. Today, we’ll be focusing on the first A, Altruism.

Altruism can be defined as “an unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.” Simply put: It’s not about you. If you are crafting your legacy as a leader by focusing on yourself and your wants and needs rather than those of others, the way your employees and team members view you may not be favorable. What you are doing for others, and the way in which you do it, is going to have the largest impact on your legacy.

Altruism is a value that brings centeredness to others, and centeredness to yourself, as well. It grounds you, and it builds compassion within others. Many of us may have been taught this golden rule growing up: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is what altruism is about — the extent to which you are courteous, attentive, compassionate, and altruistic to others, they will be to you — and hopefully to their own colleagues and employees!

Being altruistic is the first step in crafting a legacy as a leader that you can be proud of. Check back next month for our second installment in this four-part series to learn about the next A that is vital in crafting your legacy: Affiliation.

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